Welcome To SWPI LLCOur Group philosophy allows us to create value in deals that have been overlooked.
SWPI LLC expertise ranges from

to all areas of Real Estate

And mezzanine debt. We have a commitment to risk mitigation through asset and industry diversification in all investments. We believe that we are investing in great people just as much as we are investing in great opportunities.

It's important to work with a Partnerwho understands your industry

ABOUT USSWPI will fund or joint venture deals in all 50 states, parts of Canada, and the Caribbean. Our sweet spot is $1M-$10M with capabilities to go much larger. We only ask you have properly done your due diligence before submitting any requests. We fund and buy both real estate and non-real estate deals that make sense.
“Everything depends on the deal”
Our group has made and loss money over the years. We give our honest feedback. We expect everyone to be fully prepared and ready when we discuss everything. Please have all normal documentation when we request them.


Estate agent shaking hands with customer after contract signature

Joint Venture Partnerships

The bulk of our business. We’ll offer joint venture partnerships to those who have equity or cash into their deal. Everything depends on the deal itself. We make sure everyone has realistic expectations with each transaction.


Energy Project Funding

Meeting energy needs takes information, capital and innovation. We will invest in projects powered by the wind, sun, water and other renewable resources as well as fossil fuel.

Agent Handing Over Keys as Buyer is Handing Over Cash for House with Home and For Sale Real Estate Sign Behind.


Our group has been investing and developing in the real estate sector several years. We like deals with a little hair on them. Bankruptcies are welcome. We will acquire truly off market CRE deals in the US that are priced right as well as non-real estate deals that make sense

John RossJohn Ross is the point for SWPI LLC. He has worked with the group for well over a decade. He helps build and maintain solid relationships that are mutually beneficial. And always looking for opportunities that make sense in all sectors of business.

Clem AndersonClem Anderson from Arizona has been involved in the private investor and private money sector for decades. He is extremely connected with many top notch professionals in their fields of work. His group was one of the largest residential niche lenders at one time with several hundred millions of dollars lent out. He is a firm believer in helping those who help themselves. Everything comes to light when the accountants and legal team gets involved. Keeping things simple is always the best.

TYPICAL PROCESS:We review a summary or proposal with details and expectations, respond with offer, rough terms, or questions. Have a call to discuss further in detail, and issue an LOI when everyone's on the same page. If not, we wish you the best. Purchases and fundings made upon proper due diligence being completed. Please add time for any lingering reports that are required. We hope we can do business together. Thank you.