$2.5M AZ acquisition commercial land deal- working on entitlements to build Hospices facilities
$5M AZ acquisition multiple behavioral/addiction facilities​
$4M AZ acquisition 16,000 square foot commercial building
$3M AZ joint venture Hospice Operation- great partnership with doctors specialized in sector
$12M East Coast acquisitions of 3 Assisted Care facilities-our group will buy any truly off market Hospice business that nets at least $400k/year
$3.5M AZ funding for existing manufacturing company- money used for expansion of operation.
$6M AZ & CA acquisition of 3 shovel ready hotel sites-group works with some elite hotel developers.
$9M AZ & CA equity play for 2 hotels.

TYPICAL PROCESS:We review a summary or proposal with details and expectations, respond with offer, rough terms, or questions. Have a call to discuss further in detail, and issue an LOI when everyone's on the same page. If not, we wish you the best. Purchases and fundings made upon proper due diligence being completed. Please add time for any lingering reports that are required. We hope we can do business together. Thank you.