What we offer

Joint Venture Partnerships

We’ll offer joint venture partnerships to those who have equity or cash into their deal. Everything depends on the deal itself. We make sure everyone has realistic expectations with each transaction.

Corporate Funding

Corporate Funding can be a critical lever for businesses that need to maximize liquidity and flexibility. It’s important to work with a partner who understands your industry and can structure the right program to help you achieve what you want.

Cannabis Funding

We will work with sponsors who understand the normal process of funding. We’ve reviewed a lot of deals where sponsors need help with the business side of their operations. No start-ups only established companies or grows.

Deliquent CRE Notes

My group wants to buy delinquent off market CRE notes with equity up to $10M. Bankruptcies are ok. We prefer deals west of the Mississippi River. We want to see payment history, Is it current?, etc… Everything depends on the deal.

Equipment Funding

My group provides equipment funding and other services to deliver significant benefits for your business. Everything from heavy machinery to jets, boats to automobiles; if you’re looking to optimize depreciation, or monetize assets, we offer solutions to help you boost your bottom line.


We will buy notes at a discount and work on new terms with sponsors/borrowers. We can get creative when our client wants it. We have some foreclosure bailouts for different asset classes. It really depends on the deal itself.

Energy Project Funding

Meeting energy needs takes information, capital and innovation. We will invest in projects powered by the wind, sun, water and other renewable resources as well as fossil fuel.

CRE Acquisition

Our group has been investing and developing in the real estate sector several years. We like deals with a little hair on them. Bankruptcies are welcome. We will acquire truly off market CRE deals in the US that are priced right as well as non-real estate deals that make sense
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