Recent activity

$2.5M AZ acquisition

$2.5M AZ acquisition commercial land deal- working on entitlements to build Hospices facilities

$3M AZ joint venture

$3M AZ joint venture Hospice Operation- great partnership with doctors specialized in sector

$12M Acquisitions

$12M East Coast acquisitions of 3 Assisted Care facilities-our group will buy any truly off market Hospice business that nets at least $400k/year

$3.5M AZ funding

$3.5M AZ funding for existing manufacturing company- money used for expansion of operation.

$5M AZ acquisition

$5M AZ acquisition multiple behavioral/addiction facilities​

$4M AZ acquisition

$4M AZ acquisition 16,000 square foot commercial building

$6M AZ & CA acquisition

$6M AZ & CA acquisition of 3 shovel ready hotel sites-group works with some elite hotel developers.

$9M AZ & CA equity

$9M AZ & CA equity play for 2 hotels.

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